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  • Design Process in Daily Life

    #amomentwithmaghie Design Process in Daily Life Ponderings of life often bring strange questions and innovative perspectives. The design process allows an organized system to analyze these otherwise abstract notions. By asking “what is? what if? what wows? what works?” when approaching life on the daily, the benefits from input to outcome may exude functionally exponential…

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  • Consider the Source

    #amomentwithmaghie #discussionzone As a human factors professional, minimizing error and adverse effects on system components must be considered when designing integrated processes or program parameters to improve the error and limitations of decision trees as well as other machine-learning algorithms and analyses. “Sometimes in high-workload situations, with high time pressure, concurrent performance is simply impossible,…

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  • Gallery Experience – Human Centric Designs

    Explore Latest Finds Welcome to a collection of travel, life, love, and hopes of inspiration for others! A post shared by Human Centric Designs (#amomentwithmaghie) (@maghieraye) “The Brain is Wider than the Sky” “The brain is wider than the sky, For, put them side by side, The one the other will include With ease, and…

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  • Encourage Confidence and Reduce Confusion

    #amomentwithmaghie #discussionzone Ambiguity is a result of the detachment between human processing and responses that lead to original thought; however, it is in this ambiguity that meta-comprehension, or a person’s metacognitive ability to judge their own understanding and subsequent learning (Míguez-Álvarez et. al., 2021), by which prior knowledge manipulated by the working memory as discussed…

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  • Lanes of Interference

    #amomentwithmaghie #discussionzone The aviation industry today is at the forefront of technological design as advancements have profound effects on the general population. With this insight, understanding the roles and processes of pilots as a smaller group study allows for economical resource utilization along with individuals exposed to similar semantic experiences in the workplace.  Developing human-centric…

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