What IS UX Design?

So many people say: “That’s pretty cool…so, um, what do you do?”

What I do is very simple. I find problems, listen to how problems make people’s lives difficult, and then do some research to find out the best way to fix the problem. It is just applied to the digital user interface world. UX Design is like being a psychologist, but also a digital designer. Human behavior methods, along with data analysis of usability testing and surveys, help the ux designer to determine an applicable, successful solution.

For example, if you were to login to Facebook, but they changed the button to the bottom left corner, it would create so much confusion. It is my job to make sure things like that don’t happen.^^

“User experience encompasses all aspects of the end-user’s interaction with the company, its services, and its products.”
— Don Norman, Cognitive Scientist & User Experience Architect

UX Design is an integral component of any successful business. I look forward to being of assistance any way possible!


2 responses to “What IS UX Design?”

  1. Thanks for a bit of ‘layman’ explanation. Those of us who are just basically ‘users’ don’t always understand what went in to that login button that should always stay in same place we first found it! We know that some sites and apps are easier to use than others….. and most of us don’t know or care why that is the case. We do, however USE the ones that are more easily navigated and get the results we want in the quickest and simplest manner.

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    • That exact reason is why I wanted to learn how to take what is known to help us interact better overall in pursuit of peaceful existence. Stress is not a peaceful existence. Inability to interact with a device in today’s society is simply unacceptable. We made it. We can make it better. We can make it work how we need. This is where the human security comes into play. We are building upon new knowledge with the advent of the Internet and it must be made so that it is able to operate in its capacity with an ability to transmit and output information and data that can be deciphered by us humanoids. 😀


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