A Moment with Maghie

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Hi! I’m Maghie!

Growing up, I lived on a horse farm, and my brother and I really did grow up chasing alligators in the swamps of Florida.  My mother was a horse trainer, and my father was a commercial fisherman. In high school, my dad, brother and I moved to the beach.  My love for the ocean continued to grow, and still does on a daily basis.

I have spent over a decade living and traveling abroad.  I love to explore new facets of life, design, and human interaction.  Life lessons have been learned from my educational background in Psychology, and working in professions that have included ESL instruction, real estate, direct/online marketing, SEO, and user experience design.  I have learned to work hard to be successful, but to be aware that life can change at a moment. 

Daily challenges will always ensue, but it is our perspective that creates our reality.  I hope to continue to change the world by working with one person at a time. Be inspired to ask questions! 

Live like you surf.  Feel your fears.  Jump with both feet in.

~Maghie Raye

From photography to editing, presentation design and website formatting, this project aims to explore the ancient thought process of stasis through focused writing founded on the steps in research and design. This creation is an original concept brought to life through resource utilization to promote human centric design flows. Any unlicensed used of material from this site is considered to be plagiarism and will be handled according to the laws of the United States. Please respect the work and artistry of those who share hoping that beauty is what we see in the world.


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