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Maghie Raye Zeigler

Ask. Learn. Share!

Hi! I’m Maghie!

Long story short, my mother was a horse trainer, and my father was a commercial fisherman.  Growing up, I lived on a horse farm, and my brother and I really did chase alligators in the swamps of Florida.  Florida is also known for its sunny beaches, and so, I lived in the sand, surf, and sun. My love for the ocean continued to grow, and still does on a daily basis.

In 2009, I moved to Korea as an English Language Instructor. For a decade, I lived as a foreigner, taught my skills, and traveled. If I was not out surfing, I was exploring the countryside with my Jindo dog, participating in beach clean-ups, or practicing my Korean skills with the local community and friends. I also traveled extensively throughout South East Asia and had the opportunity to live as a resident of Guam.

From these experiences and my research as a student, I have learned to adapt quickly and ask the right questions: “What is? What if? What wows? What works?”  As a result, my life design philosophy is human-centric, also rooted in a background of Psychology.  One important aspect that sets me apart is my travel experience and time that I have spent learning and sharing with others.

Daily challenges will always ensue, but it is our perspective that creates our reality.  I hope to continue to change the world by working with one person at a time. Be inspired to ask questions! 

Live like you surf.  Feel your fears.  Jump. Both feet in.

~ Maghie Raye

This site is an original design compilation that intends to inspire and educate the yearn for original thought. Thank you for sharing and respecting the work of all represented here.


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