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Human Centric Research Design and Development
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What is “human centric” design?

Human centric design is based on the idea that an individual remains in a space of harmony while naturally seeking environmental interaction.

Vibrational concentric circles (much like a drop of water to the surface) are exemplary of the stasis sought through the plays of external and internal sustained attention. These are the waves of original thought.

Integrating the learning process while maintaining the balance of tool utilization versus transhumanism is vital in the Age of Information as the real-time “cognitive crush” resulting from human-machine interfaces (HMI) must be brought into question by researchers.

In considering that the essence of humanism is the experience with an interactive environment, this site hopes to gain insight on how organizing external chaos through internal sustained order can improve human-machine interfaces (HMI) by bringing a positive vibration to the wavelengths.

This is human centric design.

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