Daebak Hangang

대박 한강
Photo by Maghie Raye taken through the reflection of a window on public bus transit crossing the Han River in Seoul, Korea, circa 2010.



Perched on the rocky shore

Along the Mighty River Han

It was there life began I to implore

Past, present, the coming of new dawn

Half-drunk on spirits of lore

Half-drunk on spirits of store

Along the Mighty River Han

In as much fervor and strength live we now

Along the Mighty River Han

The lights, the bridges, silently wondering how

All will fade into nothing, gone

Still yet can I hear the fisherman’s wand

The tiny bells chiming, luring in the beyond

Along the Mighty River Han

Finding solace in an open door

Along the Mighty River Han

My heart, though it be torn

In the current, I find a bond

Winds and waves never waiting more

Out of the sky wanting to pour

Along the Mighty River Han

One day, look we will now

Along the Mighty River Han

Curious to understand what we allow

Strangeness of which we grow fond

Remain us always at war

Unless we are revealed to the core

Along the Mighty River Han.

~Maghie Raye

From photography to editing, presentation design and website formatting, this project aims to explore the ancient thought process of stasis through focused writing founded on the steps in research and design. This creation is an original concept brought to life through resource utilization to promote human centric design flows. Any unlicensed used of material from this site is considered to be plagiarism and will be handled according to the laws of the United States. Please respect the work and artistry of those who share hoping that beauty is what we see in the world.


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