Design Your Seclusion: Define Yourself


Before delving into how to design your own seclusion, I would like to share a few notes made prior to this sprint:

  • Seclusion defines us, and re-defines us. In isolation, thought input is strictly internal. Often, thought output is silenced, and the process of finalizing the thought speech, the process that gives a thought reality outside of the conscious mind, shuts down. Speech becomes unnecessary, almost a hassle. Thoughts process with such speed that reality is often skewed without the ability to bring outside perspective within the realm of self. Although the natural process of communication is still accessible, Self takes over in order to survive. Self begins to compensate for the lack of natural social interaction, and begins to adapt to find stability. By accepting the seclusion, Self begins to create its unique identity. The inward thoughts can take over, thus resulting in physical, emotional, and spiritual changes. These changes can be charged based on the individual’s perspective and experiences.
  • Personally, the more social distance I experience, the more I feel like I don’t understand how others operate and function due to the lack of stimuli. My patience for what I deem is unacceptable becomes little to non-existent, as these were complications I did not experience in Self. The re-introduction into social inclusion takes a moment of readjustment. The ability to communicate verbally lessens, although written word remains high. Strangely, the desire to help others, be it remotely, seems to suggest that the innate social connection is not easily broken, even during seclusion.
  • With this being said, seclusion is not really about being alone. It is about defining yourself, and then re-defining your social needs, while being honest, and free of judgment. It is possible for seclusion to lend to a productive design for growth.

~Maghie Raye 

From photography to editing, presentation design and website formatting, this project aims to explore the ancient thought process of stasis through focused writing founded on the steps in research and design. This creation is an original concept brought to life through resource utilization to promote human centric design flows. Any unlicensed used of material from this site is considered to be plagiarism and will be handled according to the laws of the United States. Please respect the work and artistry of those who share hoping that beauty is what we see in the world.


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