Community Outreach

The WeRecycle Project

Clean the Hang!

Pohang, South Korea is home to a number of coastal industries. As a result, rubbish is a constant find on the beaches. As a way to help the surfing community, I suggested to initiate a weekly beach cleanup. I began using bags provided by surf shops, and soon the whole community joined. Eventually, even city hall and the Korean Marines involved themselves in making a difference.

Santa’s Little Chonsas

As an active member of the community, I volunteered to organize the annual Christmas for the Kids holiday celebration. This event brings the local foreigner community and the Sunlin Orphanage together in hopes of sharing free English learning, coupled with exciting activities, and a visit from Santa. All kids are sponsored by community members, and receive a special gift from Santa, picked especially for them. During the 4 years of my involvement, I received more love and joy than I could have ever given.


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