Realizations 6 – From “Seoul to Soul”


“Solitude and loneliness are not one in the same. Loneliness increases feelings of isolation and depletes the spirit. Solitude increases self-awareness and ultimately makes us feel more connected with the world. We are never truly alone, but it’s difficult to recognize this without time to reflect on it.”


“Loneliness.  A product of seclusion. Another idea invented by man to put emotion into a box in order to process it in our finite minds.  Like God or love or happiness, it is just an idea.  To each person, the literal meaning and understanding is different, as we each interpret according to our own perceptions that determine our reality.  Yet, these feelings, emotions, and ideas are somehow strangely familiar and can be shared well enough that sympathy and empathy are viable terms.  Loneliness is a self-destructive illusion.  On a planet of over 7 billion people and billions more plant and animal species, how can a being truly be alone?  Even in seclusion, there is no truth to the loneliness that one can often feel, as the only known void of matter is a black hole wherein one cannot survive.  So how is it that this emotion, this feeling of loneliness becomes so overwhelming at times?  In a crowd, sitting at home watching a pointless movie, with a significant other…the mind questions the validity of the company being kept, and causes a doubt in the reality of the situation at hand.  Loneliness is a by-product of self-pity, and the fear to look beyond the face-value of what’s in current presentation.  Admittedly, I am one of the worst at allowing this simple idea to overtake my entirety…so much so that it creates a withdrawal from the socialization incessantly craved in my life.  It is the feeling that no one understands, that no one can relate, that no one has ever experienced anything similar to the situations to which I’ve been privy.  In actuality, it is a false pretense and unfair judgment to place upon others.  It is almost like saying that one is better than the world because the world cannot understand the finite mind of one human being.  This simply is not the case.  Although we all interpret life differently, our perceptions and realities are as unique as our fingerprints, the ability of humans to relate, draw conclusions, and provide support are unmatched compared to other known species.  Loneliness is just a way for us to crawl inside of ourselves and hide from whatever fears keep us from moving forward, forging ahead into the unknown…or known, for that matter.  The differences we feel ironically unite us.  No one is ever truly alone, and if one feels this way, it is simply a misunderstanding of the world that surrounds.  There is life and energy everywhere I turn…being a part of that force…isn’t that the point of this existence?  I am tired of feeling lonely.  So, this is a conscious decision to put an end to my stupidity…but, if I fall back into the 3-D poster illusions of my brain, I hope that the anger does not set in…instead, that I allow myself to be perfectly imperfect…sit by the ocean, stare at the waves, and realize that I’m just being an ignoramus.  Meh…it happens to the best of us.”

~Maghie Raye

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