Seclusion creates the need for self-sufficiency


Seclusion creates a situation where the needs of one cannot be met by the assistance of others.  Self-sufficiency is forced, and this in turn, emits a by-product of growth.  If we can focus on the growth achieved due to the opportunities allowed in the freedom to design personal solutions, the experience becomes one of great enlightenment.  Those who are able to design their view, free their perspective, will develop strength and insight.

Such knowledge becomes priceless in the quest for survival in the human realm, as it empowers us to be a better version of ourselves.  When re-entering a social setting, the needs from the interactions change.  Human interactions become that of interest and enjoyment, as individual needs are met. The need for affirmation comes from within, freeing the shared time for discovery and further enlightenment.  Seclusion is just another facet of the journey of life.

It is ours to design.

~Maghie Raye


From photography to editing, presentation design and website formatting, this project aims to explore the ancient thought process of stasis through focused writing founded on the steps in research and design. This creation is an original concept brought to life through resource utilization to promote human centric design flows. Any unlicensed used of material from this site is considered to be plagiarism and will be handled according to the laws of the United States. Please respect the work and artistry of those who share hoping that beauty is what we see in the world.


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