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  • The Answer is Love ❤️

    The Answer is Love ❤️

    Human centric design is important now more than ever. By vibrationally exuding the love that defines what makes us unique in our design, the past, present, and the future can be affected for a positive existence based on sustainable relationships built on gratifying interactions with a healthy environment. Watch AI robot brings awareness to officials…

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  • Why Don’t We Heed?

    Why Don’t We Heed?

    #amomentwithmaghie Identifying Research Problems To discuss the organization of identifying research problems as defined by Leedy et al (2019), a study conducted in South Carolina, United States of America (USA) that focused on mobile home residents’ perspectives of tornadoes was chosen as the focus. It also addressed the protective actions of the State of South…

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  • “Hello Computer,”

    “Hello Computer,”

    #amomentwithmaghie #discussionzone As a human factors professional, designing human-centric applications presents challenges in a fast-paced world of systems development. A near-future application likely to be implemented in an industrial setting using speech as the principal interface points to a basis in what has been deemed “artificial intelligence,” more commonly known as “A.I.” Because of the…

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  • Switching Tracks

    Switching Tracks

    #amomentwithmaghie #discussionzone In any production process, (such as navigating a cockpit or scrolling the latest social media application), multiple dynamic tasks that require flexible thinking and continually changing circumstances to evaluate can cause the human operator to become overwhelmed or heavily loaded at times.  By improving the quality of semantic episodes utilizing the concept of…

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