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The Surfing Mermaid at offers yin yoga sessions and one-of-a-kind project pieces to promote wellness for human centric design.

“Be like water, my friend.” ~ Bruce Lee

History of Yin Yoga from YogaRenew

Yin yoga is partly derived from ancient Taoism which is a philosophy that unearths the pathway to universal harmony. The word Tao itself means ‘path’ or ‘the way.’ In many ways, Yin yoga is a path to rebalancing our inner nature. Through its practice, we find the opportunity to slow down from the fast and continual pace of the western world. We enter stillness.

We focus on quieting our minds and our bodies. In doing so we become in tune with the innate wisdom that surrounds us and uncovers insights from deep within ourselves. These gifts arise through a journey of practice and commitment which transforms our bodies and minds over time. Through stillness, we can gain awareness of our bodies, our breath, our thoughts, emotions, our relationship with ourselves, and our relationships with others.

Another gift from a Yin practice is that we learn to relax deeply and surrender to what is instead of fighting against it. Through this surrender, we learn to flow with our surroundings like tall grass in the wind. We go from scattered to stillness and slow down from the chase of life to find joy at the moment.

As Yin yoga becomes more prevalent, we see that the West is finally taking notice of this ancient wisdom first bestowed on us thousands of years ago. It is a practice of healing ourselves deeply and coming back to our true natures – wellness, vitality, and health.

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