To speak without saying a word…


To speak without saying a word…

This is how it truly is beginning. Alone in a room where I’m so very alone, yet the cold spots and eerie feelings tell me otherwise.  I can say so much, and never utter a single sound.  I still can’t decide how much of an impact isolation and silence can have on a person.  Not even verbalizing my thoughts, or instead, talking to myself like a crazy person…if it weren’t for work, I’d go days without speaking.  Yet, I’d still say everything I wanted, and more.  For some reason, writing allows a more organized, coherent voice.  When I speak, words are like balls in a playhouse, unless I am in a classroom.

Oh, the classroom! Always my favorite place.  I can learn, teach, and enjoy the fact that education, and the thirst for knowledge is one thing that binds, hinders, and sets us free, all in the same breath.

But now, to sleep would be best, but it seems my brain won’t shut down for the night. We can’t afford the rest.

~Maghie Raye


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