What happens if we are in seclusion? 


Because it is so difficult to articulate oneself, understanding what what one feels from within, as well as from others’ perspectives, can be challenging.  Emotions, thoughts, and feelings are often uncomfortable when felt, and one often works to move away from this, as it natural for us to avoid potential threats.

“Yet, at the same time, it is not only about being alone. ‘It’s a deeper internal process,’ notes Matthew Bowker, a psychoanalytic political theorist at Medaille College who has researched solitude. Productive solitude requires internal exploration, a kind of labor which can be uncomfortable, even excruciating. “It might take a little bit of work before it turns into a pleasant experience. But once it does it becomes maybe the most important relationship anybody ever has, the relationship you have with yourself.”

“For solitude to be beneficial, certain preconditions must be met.”

~Maghie Raye



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