What is seclusion?


Personally, seclusion means being away from others of your kind – alone. From a human perspective, seclusion is social distance.  The degree of social distance affects the degree of seclusion, thus exponentially impacting the feelings of solitude.  This distance can be physically, emotionally, and environmentally determined, based on the situational perspective.

De-militarized Zone, Korea circa 2015

Seclusion can have both positive and negative connotations.  This determinant is based solely on the human factor.  Instinctually, humans are social creatures.  We thrive and continue to improve based on the collective needs and outcomes of social interactions, regardless of change.

The production of art in all forms seems to be a common outcome of seclusion.  All emotions can be expressed in a healthy manner, thus giving seclusion the characteristic of being a positively charged occurrence in life.

~Maghie Raye


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