What works? 

How do we make our seclusion productive?

I have learned seclusion can be a positive, productive experience. In order for this perspective to be taken, the solitude has to be accepted and understood in context. It is much easier to regulate our emotions if we can join a social group from time to time, and maintain positive relationships, outside of our seclusion itself.

Unfortunately, we cannot always access those social settings, and the isolation hits hard.  It is in this state we truly redefine ourselves, and the strength we draw from within becomes the ability to reshape the design of our life.

Dreamland, Padang Padang, Bali circa 2018

It seems that what works is to be honest with yourself, your situation, and your own abilities. Find your strength, build your weakness, and be open-minded to change as needed.

~Maghie Raye


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