How Do I Break into UX Design?

How Do I Break into UX Design?

Annie Dai, who graduated in 2015 after studying Interaction Design at Si Chuan University, shared some awesome insights!

“Irrespective of whether you have a design degree or experience, these are some skills a UX designer should have:

Demand analysis.

UX designers need to design the user experience based on the real needs of users. So, the ability to do user research and analyze user requirements is very important.

Interactive design.

After having a better understanding of user needs, UX designers need to find the right solutions to meet the needs of users. Then, they often draw a UX flow and make simple product prototypes to test their solutions.

Interface design.

To design a better UX, UX designers also need to create interactive prototypes to test the feasibility of a design idea. So, the ability to design interfaces and interactive prototypes is also essential.

Understand user psychology.

It is important to understand the psychology of users while designing the user experience of a new product.

Ability to solve problems.

In order to solve the problems of users effectively, this skill is absolutely necessary for you to become a UX designer.

Ability to collaborate.

These days, a new product is often designed and created by a team. The ability to communicate and collaborate with other team members is indispensable.

These are the skills you should master if you want to become a good UX designer.”

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